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Living with Asthma - Education Programs

What are ‘Living With Asthma’ Education Programs about?

The Living with Asthma Education Programs are run by The Lung Wellness Clinic and involve small group discussions facilitated by a Certified Asthma Educator. Topics discussed in the sessions include: what is asthma, how to manage and control asthma, triggers and use of asthma medicines.

Who are the Programs For?

These programs are available to:

•   Asthmatics
•   Parents, families and caregivers whose children have been diagnosed with asthma
•   Children living with asthma
•   The community and general public
•   Interested Healthcare Professionals

  Programs Available
1 Parents, families and care givers with asthmatic children under age 3 years
2 Parents, families and care givers with asthmatic children ages 3 – 6 years
3 Parents, families and care givers with school children ages 7-11 years
4 Teens with Asthma ages 12 - 16 years
5 Adults with Asthma
6 Asthma Education in Schools
7 One-on-One Asthma Education
8 Community Presentations and Workshops
9 All About Asthma for Healthcare Professionals
10 Support Group for Mothers of Children with Asthma
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The primary Aims of asthma education are to:

•   buProvide an affordable, accessible, high quality, on-going community resource
•   to enhance the health and well-being of children who have asthma and their families.
•   increasing awareness of asthma and its management
•   excellence in educating children, families and health care professionals

The Goals of asthma education are to:

The goals of all Living With Asthma education programmes are to improve the quality of life for children and families by improving asthma management. Children and their families develop knowledge, attitudes, confidence, and self-management skills to lead healthy active lives.

In addition Healthcare professionals will improve skills to deliver high quality care for asthma sufferers.

Program Co-Ordinator and Facilitator:

Lindsay van der Linden (Certified Asthma Educator)


1 Testimonials 1
1 It was fantastic to have you teach us with such enthusiasm & skill 1

- Dr Evans Amukoye, Kenya.

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