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What to expect at the Lung Wellness Clinic

Your visit will include:

A Respiratory Assessment:

Lung Wellness Clinic Respiratory assessment Read More
  • Questions about your medical health history
  • Questions about your current activity levels
  • Listening to the chest
  • Evaluating your breathing
  • Performing a physical examination

Performance of Lung Function Testing:

Lung Wellness Clinic Lung Function Testing Read More
Teaching you:
  • About lung disease and the role of your medications
  • How to recognize your symptoms at an early stage
  • How to identify and control environmental triggers
Showing you:

  • How to use your inhaler (puffer), spacer and peak flow meter
  • Breathing exercises to control shortness of breath (e.g. purse-lip breathing)
Helping you:
  • Recognize when to take your breathing medication in safe, effective doses
  • Reduce your shortness of breath and avoid uncomfortable symptoms
  • Set personal goals and use your action plan

Making Self Management Planning and Action Plans Together

Lung Wellness Clinic Self Management Read More

Overall Aim is:

  • To keep you free of symptoms during the day and night.
  • To be able to carry out all normal activities including exercise.
  • No work or school missed because of your asthma.
  • To keep your lungs working at their best all the time.
  • To keep you as well as possible on the least amount of medication.
  • Fewer unscheduled physician visits for respiratory disease
  • To ensure you need fewer/no emergency visits or admissions to hospital.
  • Improved independence through use of your action plan
  • Communication of your respiratory assessment, progress and action plan with your physician and other healthcare professionals
  • Peer support
  • Fewer and shorter hospital stays
  • Prompt response to your phone calls and inquiries (within 24 hours)
  • Individualized treatment plans, implementation strategies and follow-up
  • Access to educational material

How It Works

To schedule a clinic appointment, or for enquiries contact us

Prices 2012

First Consult R 300
Follow-up R 250
Spirometry* R 130
Peak Flow Loan R   40
Peak Flow Buy R 130

*Baseline OR Pre & Post
Note: There will be no direct dealings with medical aids - Please contact us for further details.

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1 It was fantastic to have you teach us with such enthusiasm & skill 1

- Dr Evans Amukoye, Kenya.

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